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Personal Training / Yoga Session



Nutritional Coaching



Grocery Shopping Assistance / In-Home Food Preparation



Fitness Assessment and Screening


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Small Group Sessions

Available upon request 


Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private sessions, or small group classes.

Description of Services

Valid January 1, 2019


Personal Training Session

One hour of one-on-one personalized training focusing on your individual needs. We will work in traditional and current training modalities including but not limited to: resistance bands, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, Bosu, TRX® or sport specific techniques. There is a strong (and important) focus on proper technique and movement to prevent injury and maximize your workout results. I start with corrective work to protect and correct any imbalances or post rehabilitation goals, then focus on strength of core and other areas you desire. In addition, I will use my fundamental principles of yoga alignment to help improve your: flexibility, balance, breath, and mental strength. Meditation and breathing techniques are also available to help settle and recenter.  In addition, I use Therapy Balls and other forms of rolling or self massage/release to help loosen stuck areas of the body to increase range of motion around stiff joints. 

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Nutritional Coaching

 I will educate you on healthy food choices and how to make the right food decisions for your own healthy living. I teach cooking techniques and preparations and the art of choosing high quality food for a healthier lifestyle. Also included are industry news information, recipes, and meal recommendations. 

Grocery Shopping

Grocery Shopping/In-Home Food Prep Coaching

 I will guide you with healthy food selections in the grocery store and educate you on how to purchase from different food groups. You will learn how to read product labels and understand ingredient lists.


I can also teach you how to prepare tasty and healthier meals with the food  that is currently in your home and I will recommend changes where needed. Additionally, I can help with kitchen tool and cookware instruction, as well as actual food preparation.


Functional Movement Screen and Fitness Assessment

 A comprehensive and confidential Physical Assessment and Functional Screen is highly recommended to evaluate your current physical and postural state prior to training. The primary goal of screening is to quickly identify pain or limitations that will help prevent injury and improve results in movement quality. The combination of the screen/assessment, medical/health/goal questionnaires will help set realistic training goals that offer you a better outcome.

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